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America Again: Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren't (2012)

America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't (2012)

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0446583979 (ISBN13: 9780446583978)
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About book America Again: Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren't (2012)

LOVED this!! I love satire so it's amazing that I haven't gotten around to reading Stephen Colbert sooner. I highly recommend listening to the audiobook version because it's narrated by the Colbert himself. Laugh out loud funny, this audiobook may have listeners careening out of control on the highway. It's that good. Colbert breaks his book apart into the following sections: American exceptionalism, jobs, healthcare, Wall Street, energy, elections, justice, food, easy solutions, and "I am Drunk." Each chapter is meant to reinforce the listener/reader's belief that America is the greatest and he gives hilarious reasons why. “America is exceptional. Does that statement shock you? It shocks me to have to say it! To be forced by your doubt to say out loud that America is exceptional implies something ugly. It's like telling the host of a dinner party 'I'm certain your wife is a female.' Saying it out loud just feels wrong. No matter how big her hands are.” Hilarious, ironic, and well worth a listen :) America Again: Re-becoming… by Stephen ColbertIn the words of Basil Fawlty: ‘you’re a waste of space”I have been watching, once in a while, The Colbert Report.The guy seemed ok.To quote a classic: History of the World by Mel Brooks:- “Nice, not thrilling, but nice”This is what the emperor says when they bring him a tub full with pearls, diamonds and whatever.Colbert is ok on his show.He invited the Russian band Pussy Riot and made all the right noises, for instance.He takes some good stands.Colbert is fighting the giant Amazon over some printing and distribution kerfuffle.Sometimes he is even funny.Most of all he comes across, to this viewer, as arrogant and full of himself.He may use self-deprecating humor and take his importance lightly and make fun of it, but behind it I feel I see a large ego. Perhaps too large.It may come with the job and hey, when you know you have millions of people watching, how can you help becoming a bit infatuated.And feel that you can write books.This America Again is some of the worst shit I have listened to in ages.I only took about 35 minutes of it- that’s how long it takes me to get from downtown to the Lycee, where I go and pick up my daughter.Obviously, I could have turned it off and change to Louis CK.By the way, even if outrageous and unbelievably incorrect in political terms, CK is eons ahead of Colbert in comedy.- “Is be”That’s one of jokes, or funny (????) part of Colbert and his America Again.The only reason that I spent 35 minutes of my life listening to this crap was that I could not believe my ears...albeit it was while cycling through town I kept waiting for some better stuff to come up.It didn’t and good luck to you.Maybe you enjoy it.After all, on goodreads it has 5,504 ratings and 616 reviews. And rated 4 stars!!Which goes to prove how “professional” and worthy the advice that we are capable of giving is. We are just a bunch of amateurs and dilettantes-

Do You like book America Again: Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren't (2012)?

My love for Stephen Colbert knows no bounds, but this book wasn't great.

At least it wasn't written by an actual Republican.

Hilarious as audiobook

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