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American Assassin (2010)

American Assassin (2010)
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American Assassin (2010)
American Assassin (2010)

About book: A fast paced great espionage thriller. I enjoyed the story and will certainly read more Vince Flynn novels. I was a bit disappointed in the editing errors (typos and in one chapter there were some errors in the diologue regarding who was speaking). I love that Vince Flynn was a conservative Minnesota guy. He was given a gift and shared that with his readers to the fullest before his death. I can't wait to read Mitch Rapp #2. Let me preface my comments by saying that my expectations for this book were sky high. 'American Assassin', more specifically Vince Flynn had been recommended by a couple of friends and judging by it's goodreads rating I assumed it would be one of those non-stop, thrilling, game-changing experiences. It failed to live up to those expectations, however, it is still a pretty good book. My main problem with it was that I didn't really feel any connection with Mitch Rapp, probably due to the fact that his metamorphosis from a high school jock to cold-blooded killer took about 5 pages. You just can't feel any emotional attachment to someone you barely know and don't fully understand what they stand for! Also, I though that the plot was somewhat predictable and lacked the intensity and complexity that I had hoped for. There were some aspects which I thoroughly enjoyed, Hurley is just straight up hilarious and the fight scenes are incredibly vivid! Overall, 'American Assassin' is still a very solid production, but it just lacks the mystery and excitement required to elevate it to Lee Child's level.
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good action and high pacing novel. but lack of stylish narrations and mystery
Awesome origin story for a character. Just what I was looking for.
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