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American Vampire #5 (2000)

American Vampire #5 (2000)

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About book American Vampire #5 (2000)

American Vampire Vol. 5 is one of the best volumes of the series. Snyder finally brings together the major plot points that began in the first volume. There were moments when I was cheering, "Oh, hell yes!" and two pages later cursing Scott Snyder and his well-written way of crushing all your hopes and dreams.The only complaint I have (isn't there always one?) is the two horrific grammar mistakes. Both in the same character's dialog. She who will remain unnamed for spoilers sake says "alot" and "goddam". I stopped and reread this a few times to figure out why. I will stop bitching and get back to the point. This is *the* to-read volume since the first volume. This volume is actually two story arcs. There are some loose ties between them since they take place concurrently but otherwise they are separate stories. Both are written to the usual above average standard of the American Vampire series.The first story arc, Lord of Shadow, deals with Dracula. It certainly presented a new and unique take on the legendary vampire, meshing him into the American Vampire history and genealogy fairly well. Some details, such as the allusion to Jack the Ripper being Prince Albert influenced by Dracula, feel like a bit of a stretch just to blur reality and fiction. The impetus for the story, freeing Dracula from many years of captivity, felt a little too easy given the supposed lengths the VMS had gone to keep Dracula in bondage. Hopefully this is not the last we see of Dracula in this series, although his inclusion in a series about American vampires is a bit out of place. The inclusion of new species besides vampires also opens many doors for further stories, although again that would lose focus on the "vampire" of the title.The second story arc, The Blacklist, maintains the series focus on Pearl and Skinner. Pearl is dragged into service for the VMS and partnered with Skinner to hunt down a list of known vampires around Hollywood. The setting, both time and place, aren't to put to as much use as previous ones in the series. Then again, 1950s Hollywood is nowhere near as unique as the Wild West or the World Wars or even the Roaring '20s. The character I felt most sympathetic for is Pearl's husband, Henry, one of the few humans of note in the story. Pearl's anguish over him is somewhat rote but the flashbacks to highlight how he feels about Pearl and his interactions with her over the years are actually touching and a little heartbreaking. Skinner feels a bit all over the place, with his motives not really defined which make his actions have far less impact than they should.A one issue stand alone story, The Gray Trader, closes this volume. Like Lord of Shadow it introduces a new type of creature, one with definite excellent story possibilities. I am not familiar with such a character in actual folklore but he has a strong feel of being a mythical creature.Overall this volume is middle of the road. The characters are all here but it just feels off and not as unique as previous volumes.

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Quite possibly my favorite volume so far.

Looking forward to read second cycle.

Simply amazing :-)


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