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American Widow (2008)

American Widow (2008)

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Man. Makes me want to hate it since it left me in tears. And I'm totally surprised by all the hate here on goodreads over it. It's my first graphic novel I've read as a adult and had no expectations but was totally moved by her story. We all have our own memories of that day filled with fear and heartache. I had only been married a month when it happened and I just can't imagine what I would have done if I was in her shoes. It was scary enough for me in my one bedroom apartment with my new husband across the country in CA. I don't want to say I loved her story since it's just so horribly tragic but I'm glad she wrote it and shared it all. Sending her and her sweet boy my love xo I really liked this. It's a graphic novel....which basically means cartoon. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but I thought the author picked the perfect way to tell her story. (It's in the biography section.)The author's husband died in 9/11, which was his second day of work in the WTC at a brand new job. She was 7 1/2 months pregnant. The book is not new--I think it was published in 2008. I would not have picked it up if it were not for the elderly women in my neighborhood who run the book club around here. Sure glad they picked this one. It reads quickly; I did it in about an hour or so start to finish. I feel like the fragmented nature of telling a story in cartoon form really reflects well the horror and beauty of her story. The illustrations were powerful as well.

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Did not use the graphic novel format as well as it could and the writing was clunky in places.

SIX WORD REVIEW: Even 9/11 widows have to qualify.

Sad, but good. Beautifully packaged.

Lucid & compelling.

Graphic novel.

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