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Amor Con Amor Se Paga (2014)

Amor con amor se paga (2014)

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About book Amor Con Amor Se Paga (2014)

This was amazing! I loved this one. Everything was perfect about the characters from beginning to end. Pippa's inquisitiveness and bluntness are both amusing and endearing. I liked her so much and everything about her. As for Cross, he was her perfect match. I loved reading their interactions because they were so funny and cute. They fit so well together and I was surprised by how far Pippa's engagement went. The whole thing was amazing. **Review unfinished. I was in the mood for a Regency and I've heard so much great buzz about Sarah MacLean but one disc into the audiobook, I can tell this won't work for me. The supposedly super smart heroine lacks common sense, the premise doesn't hold water, and it's just so redundant. It felt like conversations were being repeated, and similar phrases just kept leaping out at me over and over that took me out of the story, already moving at a glacial pace to start with.

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Çeviri kötü , başlangıcı yavaş olsa da sonuna doğru akıcı seyreden bir hikaye :)))

3.5 stars. A fun read with a scientist heroine.

Me ha gustado muchísimo, más feliz imposible.

Love this Series!

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