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Amor En Retrogrado (2008)

Amor En Retrogrado (2008)

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1596326107 (ISBN13: 9781596326101)
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Meh..I guess this left me somewhat indifferent. I love reading about dysfunctional couples and boy do these two fit the bill! But through all of the drama, the back and forth in storyline, I didn't really feel much about them. I wasn't even upset at the stupid, juvenile stints they pulled at times. And that lack of caring for the MCs bothers me. At least if I was frustrated with them, I would be more invested in the story. Oh well. On to the next one. This is the rare mm book with substance. There is a good romance tale with complex characters who love each other and work on their relationship in a pretty realistic way. There is also a good murder mystery. I was surprised to find out the real killer, and it all made sense. The clues were there.So many of these books are just lame braindead fluff, I read searching for the ones that are actually good. This one is good. One thing: the book is in serious need of a decent editor.Thanks to A. M. Riley.

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NTS: started yet stalled. Let's be honest though, I probably won't be coming back.

Excellent - will look for more by this author

4.25 stars

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