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Amplified (2011)

Amplified (2011)

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080509296X (ISBN13: 9780805092967)
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

About book Amplified (2011)

Jasmine has decided to take a year off from college to pursue her music dream and so was kicked out of the house. Now she's trying to find a place to live, a band to join, and a job to survive. To make things more difficult, her car breaks down. She answers an ad about a guitarist and makes a friend in the lead singer, which helps her score all 3 items - a job, a band and a home. Nevermind the small little lie that she has performed before. And of course, she gets a crush on one of her bandmates. Things always get worse before they get better, but of course, in fictional worlds they always get better. Realistic about the romance though, which was fantastic. I loved this book. I think that Jasmine's father needs to get over the fact that Jasmine's mother isn't with him anymore. She'll never come back. I know that must be hard to process, but Jasmine isn't her mother no matter how much they look alike. I think it was unfair of him the kick her out for not being ready for college. I know how hard it must be for a parent to learn your kid will never go to college, but you have to accept their choice. You can't control their life. And Bryn, he seems like an okay person, but he seems to have some issues with his stuff. I didn't expect Sean and Jasmine to end up together. At first I thought his name was actually Clover.

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totally a good book, probably more interseting if ur familiar with rock music and guitars tho.

Terrific YA read for anyone who's ever dreamed of playing lead guitar in a rock band.

Music + Contemporary YA = Mindblowing and spectacular experience.

It was sooo cool!:)) But it really lacks romance... i think

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