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An Improper Holiday (2009)

An Improper Holiday (2009)

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1605048364 (ISBN13: 9781605048369)
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About book An Improper Holiday (2009)

Honestly, whenever the setting is in the Regency era or anything historic, i will rate it 4.5 - 5 stars! This was a great read! I love that the main characters were trying to deny themselves eventually giving up to their desires and falling back into their past relationship. It was just so sweet and i couldn't help but say 'Aw' most of the time!. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!But, Nicky marrying Ian's sister then continuing their relationship in discrete was kinda sad for me. It was still a great read despite the somewhat sad ending. Well written and sweetWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 8/10PROS: - Ian and Nicky’s past together is revealed in just enough detail early on that it made me instantly curious to read more about them.- I love the fact that Ian is not physically perfect. The author examines his thoughts and feelings (both mental and physical) pertaining to his amputated arm in a good amount of detail. His musings about it are pervasive, but I didn’t find them annoying; they’re reflective and a little sad, but he’s not overly despairing or dramatic about it.- I also liked that Nicky is just the slightest bit on the standoffish side when it comes to Ian, yet he’s also the aggressor in their relationship.- I’ve read quite a few Regency romances over the years, both m/f and m/m, but the characters in this story participate in some holiday festivities and games that I’d never read about before and that give the story a fun, unique feel.- The ending of the novella contains an unusual plot twist that I liked a lot. (I don’t want to say more because I’m afraid I’ll give something away.)CONS:- Mitchell uses occasional foreign phrases throughout the story, and I must admit to my ignorance of the meaning of some of them, which made certain sentences basically incomprehensible to me. For example: “As injurious as this fortnight was to Ian’s mens sana, it was a boon to his corpore sano.”- There are a couple (but only a couple) conversations that contained fewer speech tags (“he said”) than I wanted; that is, I was confused for a short time as to who was speaking, what the characters’ relationship was, who the people being referred to were, etc. The first of these conversations is at the very beginning of the story.Overall comments: My one main complaint about this story is that it’s short; that’s not to say that it’s TOO short, though. I just didn’t want it to end. I loved the treatment of Ian’s disability, especially how gentle and reassuring Nicky is without emasculating Ian at all. The sex isn’t terribly graphic, but there’s a decent amount of it.

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A good read! I wish it was longer, but very well written and entertaining.

I love regency romances and this one definitely hit the spot.

Oksy, but sketchy. Needed... more.

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