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An Unlikely Suitor (2011)

An Unlikely Suitor (2011)

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0764207520 (ISBN13: 9780764207525)
Bethany House Publishers

About book An Unlikely Suitor (2011)

A slower-paced but very satisfying read. The three different POVs were well balanced, and Sofia's voice was particularly distinct. Of course, everyone got the happy-ever-after, but not in the cliche ways one might initially expect with these kinds of rags-to-riches storylines. And there was at least one good surprise that caught me off guard. But my favorite part of the book just might be the "Fact vs. Fiction" section at the end, where Moser reveals the depth of research that went into bringing this era, setting, and characters to life. Well done all around. This is a fun and entertaining book that takes place in the late 1800's during the Gilded Age. It is a story that tells of the huge differences between the wealthy and the working class. The wealthy had created a kingdom for themselves, one with its own rules and boundaries - one that was wary of outsiders. Among the "elite 400" of New York City, the wealthiest of the wealthy's goal was to show off their money in an ostentatious manner. Much of the story takes place in Newport, RI. Newport was a vacation spot for the elites of New York - a fairyland of gilded halls with glorious balls. It was truly a city of show and splendor. The story is told from the perspectives of Lucy, Rowena, and Sophia. Lucy and Sophia Scarpelli, sisters and Italian immigrants, are living in New York City with their mother and struggling to make ends meet. They are working as dressmakers in a rather upscale dress shop. Lucy is such a sweet, lovable character and not the least bit pretentious. Sophia, a 15 year old, is spoiled and immature. I found her to be outspoken, annoying and not at all likable. Rowena Langdon, a young socialite and dress shop customer, wants so much to befriend Lucy, a friendship which is quite unusual. Rowena is charming with a kindness and a loving heart that overshadows her physical irregularity. But, because of her infirmity, Rowena describes herself as a "less - than" - she has so many insecurities. A marriage has been arranged by her family to a wealthy heir, Edward Dewitt, but she is searching for a man who truly loves her, not for a marriage that suits her family's needs. I was able to be submerged into this Gilded era with the beautiful descriptive writing and the historical detail. I especially enjoyed reading about the elegant dress designs. The book was a bit drawn out with a storyline I found to be somewhat unrealistic, but has strong redeeming qualities. An enjoyable and easy read!

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Work is seriously getting in the way of me reading this book. I have enjoyed it from the get go.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people who like a good read.

Great book! Could hardly put this one down!

Kind of dumb and predictable.


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