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Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst (1985)

Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst (1985)

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Okay, this cover is horrible but THESE ARE THE BEST BOOKS EVER.Anastasia is hilarious. These books are great. Anastasia's parents are these messy, absent-minded, vaguely bohemian intellectual types, and everything that happens in these books is completely hysterical. This is the one in which Anastasia becomes obsessed with Sigmund Freud, and irritates the hell out of her wonderful family. I can relate to these situations! Also good is the one where Anastasia goes to modeling school. Actually, they're all good. These books are ingenious. I love how she is always trying to figure out how to be a woman by reading Cosmopolitan magazine, and how she's in love with this cool kid who keeps a pick in his afro, and how her younger brother Sam is also extremely hilarious. They have the most wonderful, loving family in children's literature but it isn't annoying somehow, maybe because they're so disorganized. Anastasia is the perfect kid heroine because she is so smart but so ridiculously out-of-it at the same time. Oh man. I want to read them all again. Right now. God, I loved these books.

The book Anastasia, Ask your Analyst (Anastasia) by Lois Lowry was about Anastasia wanted her parents and her brother to be normal. She thinks she is the only normal one in her family and hse was embrassed by her family. so she needed to see an analyst. Thne she was so into Sigmund Freud and her family was not happy about it. This book makes me laugh because of the way that Anastasia is describing her brother. Reading this book reminded me how funny my brother can be sometimes. But I disagree with her saying that she was normal because no one is normal and everyone is special in a way that they sometimes can't notice.

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I needed a fast, good read to help me catch back up in my year's reading goals, and this one did it. It was nice to revisit some of the stories I loved when I was younger and had fewer concerns of the world. Lois Lowry wrote these books in such a way that they are timeless to me - I dont' get tired of Nikky Coletti's teeth-marks, and the gerbils gerbils gerbils everywhere, and Anastasia talking to a bust of Freud. Ms. Lowry made a very nice home with the Krupniks and I love to visit it, yes I do.

Anastasia is now 13 and needs psychological help from the man himself, Sigmund Freud. Sadly he is dead, so a plaster bust of him and a collections of his writings will have to suffice. Except it doesn't really help as being 13 can't really be cured.How does a book like this get greenlit? I love it so much and it gives me so much hope for some strange reason. Granted no one really reads these anymore, but at one time Anastasia was an ALA Notable book. But it was the 70's and opinions about what made a good book for children was different then.

Some good gags but this one seemed a bit more hastily written and lacking in some of the charm found in other titles featuring these characters.I don't like that the new cover imposes upon the mind's eye with an artless photograph of a specific girl, especially some idealized air-brushed model. This robs reading of the individuality of exercising one's own creative visualization, something we should be working to preserve and pass on to children in an era saturated with multi-media entertainment.I also dislike that these books have fallen victims to the cynical commercial game of remaking everything possible into a numbered "series." Everything from Philip Roth and Gunther Grass on down to quality children's literature like Lowry is being marketed like bubble-gum cards. Collect 'em all!!!

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