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Anastasia's Chosen Career (1988)

Anastasia's Chosen Career (1988)

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I think Anastasia is the reason I've been saying, "Good grief," so much lately. I just adore Anastasia. All of these thoughts that run through her head are the ridiculous things I think. Good grief, the bus will be late and I'll show up to modeling class late and they'll kick me out and it'll be humiliating. But the bus shows up early so instead we think, Good grief, now I'll be early and everybody will laugh at me for being such a nerd and it'll be humiliating. And now I'm on the bus and good grief, is this the right bus? Will I end up in New York accidentally? Oh, good, this lady next to me chatting my ear off is going to Filene's and that's in Boston so it'll all good, but good grief, WHY is she talking so much and I told my mother I wouldn't talk to strangers. She's so refreshingly normal. Her parents are still amazing, Anastasia makes new friends, and we see an old one too (he carries a briefcase and says things that are far too honest which, good grief, is so embarassing), and again, we have some real life issues going on. And by the end, Anastasia has decided not to be a model after all, so she's as levelheaded as always.

I loved the Anastasia books as a young girl and really appreciated Ms. Lowry's distinct writing style. Everyone's a bit too clever with their dialogue sometimes, but I related to Anastasia as a slightly bookish but similarly naïve girl who wants to be a writer. In this one Anastasia takes a modeling course, and unlike most books where the character would do this and become a star and/or excel at the class, it seemed like the real star of the show was another girl whose talent Anastasia was a bit jealous of but really respected. How Anastasia decides a modeling course is integral to her future career as a bookstore owner is quite amusing. . . .

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Anastasia, thirteen still, has to choose a career for a school assignment. She has decided to become a model, but her father thinks she wants to be a bookstore owner. Anastasia comprimises and goes to modeling school and interviews a bookstore owner. She meets a new best friend and is confronted by someone from her past. The only question is, what will she decide to do?This Anastasia was as amusing as the early books. I laughed and laughed and enjoyed Anastasia's entertaining adventures. Great book and a great heroine.

Although I still think of this as one of my favorite Anastasias--I reread it several times as a kid--I was disappointed to find that it didn't hold up as well when I read it a couple of years ago. (Anastasia On Her Own does, though, and of course the first two.) I wonder if it's the dated thing, or just that it seemed funnier when I was younger.Don't miss All About Sam, if it isn't already on your radar.

Anastasia was always a sort of nerdy, intellectual girl, so it surprises everyone--even, sort of, herself--when she's assigned to cover "My Chosen Career" and decides maybe she just might want to be a model. She takes a modeling course and learns about poise and dressing properly and becoming presentable, but this really isn't a career path that comes naturally to her (much to her dismay). Another girl in the class--an unassuming teenage girl who doesn't know how beautiful she is, really--is the clear star of the show, and Anastasia befriends her. Also joining the modeling class is Anastasia's good old "friend" Robert, which I thought was pretty hilarious. Watching her get her hair cut and "hoping for exquisite ears" was so much fun. I love the thoughts that go through Anastasia's head, and how she is prone to little flights of fancy in her imagination. Her everyday life may be commonplace, but it's more than enough to carry a book.
—Julie Decker

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