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Anathem (2008)

Anathem (2008)
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0061474096 (ISBN13: 9780061474095)
William Morrow & Company
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Anathem (2008)
Anathem (2008)

About book: Anathem is a philosophical science fiction novel. It tells the story of the planet Arbre through the eyes of Erasmus as he and his planet face a time of uncertainty and decisions.The community Erasmus belongs to values ideas - especially philosophical and metaphysical ideas. Part of the fun I had in reading the book was matching Arbre's great thinkers with old philosophers. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Aristophanes are all identifiable, as are ideas such as Occam's Razor. The Catholic and Protestant churches have their counterparts. Even quantum musings regarding the universe are well explored. That said, I wonder if those who don't have an interest in philosophical thought would enjoy the book as much as I did. The story certainly stands on its own, but the mirroring of ideas between Earth and Arbre is intrinsic, as the unfolding of the story reveals. It's hard to describe this book - part philosophical discourse, coming of age story, part sci-fi, part time travel. I've never read anything like it where two monks can be having a pages long discussion on the nature of perception and assumption and have it switch suddenly to alien attack... and it actually works. Gah. Hard to describe like I said. If you like science fiction, just read it.
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An elusive plot at times, but it all comes together in the end. Worth the work. ;)
A book that wants you to think it is deeper than it really is.
Would almost give this five stars, really enjoyed it.
A masterpiece.
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