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Andy's Diary (2000)

Andy's Diary (2000)
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Andy's Diary (2000)
Andy's Diary (2000)

About book: I took a couple of days to write this review as I wanted to just dwell on it for a bit. Another thought provoking and definitely twisted tale from Tim that perfectly ties up any loose ends from the previous book. Andy's Diary certainly lends more depth to the story and gives us an inside view of her thoughts and reactions which seem more plausible being told from her POV and makes her appear a little less crazy. This story is not for the faint of heart who prefer paranormal romance so I would advise you to look elsewhere if that is your genre. If you want to read a well crafted story that is both imaginative and also pushes the boundaries between what is right and wrong then I urge you to consider this author. He weaves a wonderful tapestry that propels us towards the end tying up any stray threads along the way leaving you in no doubt that you have been entertained. Tim ORourke has done it again!! I pride myself in being able to work out a plot before the end of a book, O'Rourke is the only Author that manages to surprise me again & again & again! I never know how one of his stories are gonna end until Im there thinking "where the hell did that come from??" LMAO for me thats excellent storytelling. His books are gritty, gorey, suspensful & sometimes plain old gross =] full of charaters that really pull you into the story & make you think about it long after you are done. This book is the same way. I was totally pulled in right from page 1 til the very end. It answers alot of question from the 1st book and the ending was a complete shock which left me satisfied but very sad at the same time. Great series, awesome Author, Highly recommended!!!!
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I'm amazed at how this author keeps you turning the pages. Bravo! Keep up the great writing.
everything falls into place with this book, another gripping story
Loved it, brilliant
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