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Angels All Over Town (2007)

Angels All Over Town (2007)

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This is Luanne Rice's first novel. I have always wanted to read her first book and am thrilled to finally have read it. I have read mixed reviews from others, but from my perspective, I just thought it was a wonderful read regarding one period in three sister's lives. In the 80's I loved Soap Operas, ao I loved reading about Una. What I liked about this novel was the grittiness and the mistakes revealed in all of the characters, which kept me reading more. I liked how this was not a plot driven story but more driven by the Una's voice and the her life unfolding before her. The sister's lives all change, which of course had an effect on each other. My favorite aspect of this novel was the ghost of the father. I loved how he was weaved in and out of Una's story. The first person narrative hit home for me. I hated this one to end. If you are looking for a novel about love, desire, and dreams, Angels All Over Town will transport you back to the 80's and remind you of simple things that all women dream about.

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