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Angels Of Darkness (2011)

Angels of Darkness (2011)

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0425243125 (ISBN13: 9780425243121)

About book Angels Of Darkness (2011)

Angel's Wolf, Nalini Singh: I've read several novellas in the Guild Hunter world, plus the first novel and I think this story may have convinced me to put the rest of them on my TBR list. Adding cute cats (sob!) didn't hurt either.Nocturne, Sharon Shin: I hadn't read anything of hers before but was very impressed and intrigued with the world created here. Having a "heavenly" being be disabled and not able to see put the hero and heroine on a much more even footing. The whole story was lovely and nicely paced. Ascension, Meljean Brook: This is only the second story in the Guardian world that I've read, but both have been in anthologies with stories from Singh's Guild Hunter universe and I always get details of the two mixed up. I feel like I would have understood more if I'd read previous books, but it was a good story. I just couldn't picture the heroine as being blue all the time though!Alphas:Origins, Ilona Andrews: I liked the conceit of this world and the fact that not everything is shinyhappypretty. The heroine has to make some seriously tough choices and there are high-stakes consequences to her decisions. I would like to read more in this world (much like their Kinsman duo) but I don't think that Andrews is likely to write more, sadly. I only read Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter (#3.5) story "Angel's Wolf" so far. I tend to dislike angel stories but after two friends rec'd Singh's books, I decided to check her out. Im quite impressed with the writing; her intriguing characters, pacing, and overall world/alternate universe, what have sucked me in even though this novella was just a peek into the series. I hope to read the other stories in this anthology, but for now Ill rate and mark this as read.

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Ilona Andrews's story was the only one I read. The actual rating is 3.5.

I love it when Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh write in the same books!

Liked the Nalini Singh story; the others were meh.

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