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Angels Of Vengeance (2012)

Angels of Vengeance (2012)
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0345502930 (ISBN13: 9780345502933)
Del Rey
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Angels Of Vengeance (2012)
Angels Of Vengeance (2012)

About book: Can’t really say that this did a whole lot for me. Only my OCD nature made me continue the series. The concept was nice enough but overall it was just lacking a certain ‘omph’ to really capture the imagination and keep me turning pages. So it’s the final book of the trilogy and while there are several overarching story threads and many continuous characters all three books could be read as standalone stores and you’d not be missing much. The problem of this particular volume is there is just too much filler. For a supposed action thriller there is far too much character ‘contemplation’ and following them on pointless exceptrs of their story. The most prominent case for this is Sophie’s story. How many chapters did we follow her journey down to Forthood for a one page climax? And it made me fell we’d wasted way too much time following Miguel rather pointlessly when he was one of the more interesting characters.Meanwhile, everything with Julianne, Shah and the Rhino was utterly pointless and completely superfluous adding nothing but some of the action and drama so sorely missing from the stories of Catlin and President Kipper. Overall, meh. The last in the trilogy. It was okay, but after three long books, I just wanted it to end. By the way, what is with all the trilogies lately? I am afraid to pick up a random book nowadays in fear that I will have to commit to all subsequent books. For that matter, I finished a book the other day (in which I was somewhat lost in that it seemed disjointed) only to find it the third in a series...argh!
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Don't read unless you've read the first two. If you have then a good read
the third book becomes somewhat predictable.
Quite entertaining
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