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Animal Man N. 1: La Caccia (2012)

Animal man n. 1: La Caccia (2012)

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About book Animal Man N. 1: La Caccia (2012)

In 2011, DC Comics cancelled all of their existing titles and re-launched their entire series branding them The New 52. Animal Man was the surprising breakout hit of the new series. I frankly didn't know about Animal Man until I read this version of his story and I am kicking myself. Animal Man is a stand-up family guy, a hero turned activist, who struggles with the challenges of being a good husband and father. Jeff Lemire creates a story with strong female and male characters of all ages, themes of animal rights and environmentalism, and a potent mix horror and action. In this story Buddy Baker, Animal Man, learns a thing or two about his origins and his destiny from his four-year-old daughter, Maxine. The storyline is a bit macabre - blood flowing, distorted bodies, guts - it is definitely written with an adult/teen audience in mind. Those seeking top-notch storylines in the comics will be drawn to this series. Jeff Lemire is the best. If you've never read Animal Man, you can jump in here. If, like me, most of your Animal Man knowledge comes from the unparalleled Grant Morrison run, you won't be disappointed here. There are a few clever nods to it, and I'm curious to see how this run plays out. This is a companion book to Scott Snyder's Swamp Thing, and I think already superior. I will certainly continue to read both, and not just because both vol 2's are burning a hole in my nightstand.

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