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Anita (2000)

Anita (2000)
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Anita (2000)
Anita (2000)

About book: Anita gets a solid for stars for what it is and what it has done. If it had been written TODAY I'd poetically give it a three... maybe three and a half.This is easily the earliest installment in the urban fantasy genre I've tangled with and was cited by Neil Gaiman as one he grew up with. While it shows, the author does a good job telling a longer story through the medium of short stories - a format I don't usually care for. Because they're all about the same character and maintain continuity, though, it works.Especially as a lens to view how we got to where we are now with urban fantasy, this book is a very useful, tool. Luckily, it is also quite entertaining in its bite size format. This is an enjoyable set of short stories about a young witch named Anita. These short stories have to be one of the first books/stories that started the UF genre and should be read just because of that, if for no other reason.I really enjoyed Anita. Anita is a bit of a "sex kitten" but it isn't too bad. No actual sex is in the book, just references. What charmed me about Anita was her innocence. Roberts had a light touch with this character. She's a teen and the stories are the mishaps of someone overly curious and completely unabashed. She loves sex and has no idea that others might think sex was bad, for example. The stories are set in the '60s and '70s so I think the idea of her being sexually curious probably arises there.The Grandma is so funny! I really, really loved her Grandma! "Those no good 'umans!" Another interesting world building bit is the idea that witches come from Hell and their god is Satan. He did this very succinctly. He doesn't portray them as evil but it's fascinating to hear all the curses and whatnot.I really enjoyed this collection.
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This was not my cup of tea. I did enjoy the story of her healing the young boy.
I simply thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a delightful fantasy frolic.
Magical and fun! Great rec from Neil Gaiman on Audible!
This is a very amusing collection of stories.
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