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Another Eden (2000)

Another Eden (2000)
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Another Eden (2000)
Another Eden (2000)

About book: The girl: Sara Cochrane, daughter of an impoverished duke (long dead) and raised by her alcoholic mother until she was sold off to a brute of a Chicago businessman: "Ben was incredibly wealthy by the time he was twenty-five. He started out in the Chicago stockyards, prodding cattle along a chute to their deaths. Sometime you must ask him to tell you about the skull-smashing device he invented to speed things along."*shudders*The guy: Alex McKie, a young up and coming architect who has been given the task of building a 'cottage' for the Cochranes in Newport - not an easy task when your client is demanding, bull-headed and without any sense of taste - the more garish to display his wealth, the better.Sara is sent to Newport with her young son to oversee the operations, and surprise (not), she and Alex find themselves soul-mates and the attraction is hard to resist. I did like how the relationship between the two was slow to develop, more as friends first and then into something stronger. It does take a long time for the big love scene, and IIRC there's only the one, but it is on the steamier side of things - those who prefer less detail might not care for this or want to skim through that part of it. Extra points for Sara's son and how he was portrayed, cute and well-behaved without overkill on the kid cuteness meter.Kindle copy borrowed from Kindle Unlimited.
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