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Another Piece Of My Heart (2012)

Another Piece of My Heart (2012)

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0312591829 (ISBN13: 9780312591823)
St. Martin's Press

About book Another Piece Of My Heart (2012)

While I did enjoy reading this book and was able to appreciate aspects of it coming from a broken home, I felt it very repetitive. I kept waiting for this drama to be over with Emily and move on to Andi. I then finally realized that it was not about Andi, but about Emily, which honestly, made me not really want to continue reading it. Even coming from a broken home, I will never be able to relate to Emily and her behaviors.I did, however enjoy the change of perspectives throughput the book. One chapter we are reading from Andi's pov then we are reading it from Ethan's and so on... I would recommend it. OMG! I wanted to kick Emily! Even when the author tries to give you her prespective is no help, I still disliked her sooooo much!! Her life as a teen is revolting, I hope nobody actually lives that way.The boneless father is even worst! At least he gets a little better in the end.However, I don't particulary like books with drugs, alcholism and a general feeling of darkness, even if this one was somehow well written (at least Andy prespective.)

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I loved this book! Probably because it mirrored my own life so much.

Great read. Definitely a good perspective of a step mother.

First book read by this author and will not be the last.

took me a long time to plow through this one.

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