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Anything But Typical (2009)

Anything But Typical (2009)

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1416963782 (ISBN13: 9781416963783)
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About book Anything But Typical (2009)

Jason Baskin is a high-functioning boy who identifies himself as autistic, he is a language wiz on paper, he can spell anything and write great stories but if you ask him to speak all is lost, especially with social interactions. He posts his stories on a website and soon he befriends a girl who reads his stories online. As times goes on he finds out he will be going to meet his online friends which terrorizes him that she might not like him in person as much online. Jason tries his hardest to interoperate other people, by the way their face moves, and arms, the tones of their voice, when they say something and mean another. Its frustrating and that is when behavior problems happen. Throughout Jason is going through life with failures and triumphs by learning between normal and not normal behaviors. Diversity does not just go by skin color it can also be how one thinks, in a classroom i would use this book show that people think differently. Jason has a word of the day i would encourage my students to find words to fill the word of the day broadalso i would have them write an essay on autism and how would they feel or act if they had autism.i didn't much like this book, it was a bit whiny for meBaskin, Nora Raleigh. (2009). Anything but typical. New York: Simon & Schuster. Jason Blake is an autistic twelve-year-old whose favorite thing to do is write stories online. He barely talks but he has a very creative mind. At school, nobody accepts him but all he wants is to write stories online. Then Jason meets Phoenixbird, another online story writer. Her real name is Rebecca and they email each other about their stories. But, Jason is terrified that when they meet, Rebecca wil not want to be friends with him anymore.Anything But Typical is a story about friendship, fitting in and being different.

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I came across this book at our Scholastic book fair, and I am so glad I picked it up.

the ending was just okay, but the rest of the book was really good.



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