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Anything You Want (2011)

Anything You Want (2011)
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160928383X (ISBN13: 9781609283834)
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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Anything You Want (2011)
Anything You Want (2011)

About book: I rather liked the tone of the book. The hero was great. That makes for the 2 stars.However I never did manage to understand what he could change his mind and fall in love with such a poor heroine, her main characteristic being a total inability to stand on her own two feet and to make any sensible decision. She was used to rely on her best friend, Luke, for that. Even though she managed to live independently for four years, as soon as she faced him back, she lost all sense of independence and just followed through with any direction he would give her, even if she was convinced those were not right for her. She irritated me from the beginning and never stopped until the end. The whole plot relied on her making bad calls, poor spur of the moment decisions and never using her brain, if she had any. I also could not like either her father or Luke, the benevolent but stupid friend, who was ready to throw away his life to make a dream he had since kindergarten came true.Those who do not like love triangle, avoid this book at all costs.Last thing, the timeline was very poorly managed. She supposedly had a one-night stand with a stranger in Jamaica ten weeks before the beginning of the book, but she only took the plane to get there four weeks before. And there were other instances later with a two-week period marking 2 different deadlines that got mysteriously extended to three. I have to say it. It is amaziing, I loved it.:D 4.5 starsA good book is the one that makes you angry, sad, happy, and shed a few tears.I was a little skeptical at first because of all the comments I read calling Sabrina a b*tch, and truthfully she is,at first.But don't lose hope keep reading, as the story progresses you get an insight as to why she behaved the way she did, and you realize that she has changed and that all she wants is to give her baby a stable home and love, lots of it.And she is willing to do anything to allow her child to have what she didn't while growing up, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness.And that turns our lead caracter from a childish and overdependent teenager into a grown woman capable of anything.We have to keep in mind that in the end, we can't dwell on how we got somewhere, we have to focous on the present and what we want for ourselves and the ones around us.
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This book was amazing! Absolutely loved it from start to finish. Full review to follow!
sweet story, great banter between marc and sabrina. hoping kat and luke get a book??
4.5 stars /3.50 sensuality levelfull review to come soon!
Very enjoyable! I really like Erin Nicholas!
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