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Aprendiz De Diosa (2013)

Aprendiz de diosa (2013)

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About book Aprendiz De Diosa (2013)

I'm not gonna lie I predicted all the different surprises this book offers as soon as the first hint was placed. For one I knew that Kate's mum hat to ether be a god or one of hades before tested because when Kate and her mum arrived in their new town her mum said that when she was younger she went inside the garden of edens gates!!! That was my first hint. The next part of the book I predicted was James. I somehow knew that he would be hades nephew. The reasons for this is the fact that he didn't want her to go to James house even though it could save a friend and he was way to quick to just except that Kate's mystery guy just magically raised the dead( Ava / not dead yet ). I've got to admit though that when my predictions came true I gave myself well deserved clap. And basically did a summer salt in my chair. I did. However love the way the book was set out. I found it great how they used Greek mythology in this book and I was very impressed with Kate's attitude. The only thing that I would maybe change is the way that Kate just excepts that her "dead" mum Is a goddess and that her sister broke hades heart. I mean I would have way more question's if I found that out I mean who wouldn't. Still I loved this book and would gladly recommend it. Adding my first review because I disagree with the ones GoodReads showed me.I went into this not really knowing what to expect. I try to read books recommended to me, whether recommended by GoodReads or a friend. This one was a GoodReads recommendation. I don't read the synopsis of books, because I feel that gives away too much too often. that being said...I really enjoyed this book. The writing style is enjoyable, the characters were fun, and the plot held my interest. I have read a decent amount of Greek mythology for various classes, and I enjoyed this fresh twist of the Hades/Persephone myth. The way Henry talks bothered me a bit, but I attributed it to him being old fashioned due to his age. I expected some of the ending twists, but was shocked by others. Overall, while it may not go on my "favorites" shelf, it is still a book that I may read again, or recommend to a friend.

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Loved this book and the fresh twists to mythology. The ending was not something I was expecting.

This book was a very interesting take on greek mythology, i thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun and entertaining read.

it was ok, kinda weard, but nice...

Love it !

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