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Arranged (2012)

Arranged (2012)

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I did not realized I had read this author before and she was on my must watch for more books by her. I actually did not realize it until I had finished this story and saw a short selection from her other book. Ding, ding, a bell went off that I remember this story. I looked it up and found my review for it. I still love the way the author builds the characters. Both Jack and Anne are matched up by a marriage consulting business. Following along as they not only get to know each other but also when they start to understand themselves too. I thoroughly enjoyed following along and would have loved seeing more of them together at the end. Although in truth, all had been said and the ending was perfect for how the story flowed. My only complaint about this story was the washy, washy Anne. Sometimes I felt like smacking her up against the head and tell her to just make a decision. If you are expecting a flowery, love at first sight kind of story then this is not it. What this is though, is a story of a couple of people that you fall for and start hoping things work out for them. This book has such an interesting premise for a modern day romance. Woman who is ready for marriage, but keeps having the same type of failed relationships (because she keeps going for the same type of guys,) decides to try an arranged marriage (after at first mistaking the company she goes to for a regular dating service.) Anne is a fun and feisty heroine, and you never feel that she wouldn't have ever been married without this service, just that it probably would have ended in divorce eventually. Jack, her matched partner, is sweet, but has his own reasons for entering into an arranged marriage.For all of it's fresh premise, the book still treads the well-worn ground of a romance (together, something happens, will they be together?), which isn't a bad thing, and the plot is solid. What eventually drove me to distraction was the writing. Short, choppy, repetitive, it's what took me out of enjoying the book fully. I'd give it a 2.5 stars if Goodreads would let me, but since it won't, it's a 2 since I can't imagine wanting to read this ever again.

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I devoured this book in a single day. I loved how the plot and characters surprised me.

Predictable romantic book, but still a good read.

Fun summer beach read

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