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As I Wake (2011)

As I Wake (2011)

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0525422099 (ISBN13: 9780525422099)
Dutton Juvenile

About book As I Wake (2011)

I believe this is the most suspenseful book I've ever read. I was a tad but confused with the ending, for the book to have so much in it I would've hoped for more of a closure ending. has a grand plot to it and the characters are very unique. I'm looking forward to looking into E. Scott's other work.**i had no idea this was the same author that wrote 'Stealing Heaven' I enjoyed that piece as well. Xo Ava wakes up, but doesn't know who she is. As it turns out, she isn't even the person everyone tells her she is. She has memories from before, from the Ava she was in a parallel universe. It takes some time for Ava to realize that a couple people are lying, one person is expecting more than she is prepared to give, and everyone else has the basic personality they would have in Ava's home universe but not the history.This was a really interesting idea, but I wasn't convinced by the love story. Also, the idea that someone should be able hangout in your attic all day without you being aware wasn't believable to me. The idea that Ava could hear a guy breathing hard and decide she needs to masturbate was weird. The really brief moment where Ava doodles the chemical equation for an explosive is never explained. I liked the style of jumping back and forth between Jane's Ava and Real Ava. I think that was part of the reason I stayed interested in the story. If it had all be in order, it would have been a sort of bland love story with a magical zap into a parallel universe.

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I actually really enjoyed this book. it was so complex and about something I was longing for.

This book is okay...but there are a lot of unanswered questions.


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