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As Long As You Love Me (2014)

As Long As You Love Me (2014)

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About book As Long As You Love Me (2014)

"As Long As You Love Me" is an appealing and touching New Adult contemporary romance. The second book in author Ann Aguirre's "2B Trilogy" features irresistibly imperfect characters who face very real issues which will resonate with many readers. Lauren Barrett and her best friend, Nadia Conrad, left small town Sharon, Nebraska with big hopes for bright futures. Attending college in Michigan and finding two college buddies to share an apartment and split expenses seemed like a sensible and fun way to survive the academic experience. However, after several years, Lauren is burning out--making poor personal choices and feeling emotionally stressed and pressured to get her act together. Giving up her scholarship, leaving her friends behind,and returning home to Nebraska seems like the only way out. Moving back in with her mom is just a temporary fix while Nadia figures out her future. She has to find a job, buy a car, and face her inner demons. She also has to face Rob Conrad, Nadia's older brother, and the longtime object of Lauren's unrequited affection. Rob is a former high school football star with heart-stopping good looks and a collection of personal insecurities. His athletic ability, handsome face, and quiet nature belie his thoughtful smarts, kind heart, and amazing ability to design, remodel and build. His lack of pretense and reliable good nature are often mistaken for a lack of intelligence, something of which Rob is keenly aware. Lauren has always known there was much more to Rob than most people took the time to see, and she can't help but be drawn to him as they each struggle to overcome their present difficult circumstances. The more time they spend together, the more they support and encourage each other, and a definite attraction begins to grow. Is it possible that Lauren is not the only one with a longtime crush? As their pasts begin to make way for their futures, will their hearts take the same path toward each other? "As Long As You Love Me" is a poignant and passionate romance, one sure to tug the heartstrings of its readers. Review Copy Gratis Amazon Vine I like this author's dark and edgy young adult books. So I thought I would try the author's take on the new adult genre. This genre is written about characters who are college age and are just starting to try and find themselves. This book is the second in a trilogy from the author. If you have read the first book, I Want It That Way, then you will recognize the characters that briefly appear in this book. They don't physically appear in this one but Lauren does communicate with them some. Plus, Nadia from the first book is Lauren's best friend and whom Rob is the big brother of. I did like this book but I was not in love with it. Not in the way that I hoped to be. It is funny but I was actually hoping for more passion. Although I liked the scenes when Lauren and Rob did hook up. They were steamy. I would rate the story overall in this department a sweet/mild. I got Lauren and Rob taking their time and I will be the first to say that I do like when characters work up to it but it just seemed like they were walking on egg shells with each other before they did make that first move. Though a nice book for someone that wants to check out new adult stories without a lot of sex. You could say I am just spoiled on the author's darker side.

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Yay!! I just won this from Goodreads First reads!! Thank you , review to come shortly :)

2.5 stars-- Very Much Meh. Disappointing.

3 1/2 stars, really.



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