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Attack On Titan 11 (2013)

Attack on Titan 11 (2013)

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Titan Eren is stuck in a match with the Armored Titan as the Survey Corps cheer Eren on. Unfortunately, the Armored Titan lives up to its title, not leaving a single spot for a sword to cut through, or to bruise. However, when our three heroes put their minds together, will humanity overcome yet another obstacle, or will they receive another deadly setback? Later, Eren is faced with a difficult situation where he must control his feelings to survive, and where he doesn't know who is friend or foe...Woo! There sure was a lot of action in this one! And the cover actually matches it again this time, yay! I sure did have to wait a long time before reading this volume though... Well, I didn't /have/ to... It was already in my possession when I finished volume 10. It simply took me THIS LONG to cope with the revelations from the previous volume. I wonder why nothing really grabbed me in this volume though? Not even when Hange was seriously injured... Or that spooky ending... Hmm... Am I growing tired of SnK already, I wonder? Well, anyway... I wonder who the real enemy is? I honestly have no idea. And it seems both sides are victims, even the Titans that seemingly mindlessly devour the humans. It's a war between two sides that are fighting for their very own reasons. There is no good guy, nor bad guy. But I suppose whoever may oppose you, would be a bad guy to you, wouldn't it? Actually, SnK taught me that too, earlier in the series. I'm sure that's why when Armin said that to Annie, it seemed to touch a soft spot in her heart. She knew the truth. And wow, Reiner has a split personality due to all of the horrible things he had done, Eren's emotions are going way out of control, and pretty much everyone is a traitor to someone. Oh, it does appear that romance will finally be implemented into this story, somehow. But I don't know if I like that very much. Obviously, Reiner is romantically interested in Krista... And well, as for Ymir, her feelings for Krista go deeper than that. However, they both want to protect her, and I assume, they've made an allegiance over that.Um, not much else to say about this volume. SnK's fandom has already pretty much ruined the series for me.Why do people have to be such fucking freaks that just want to pick at a series instead of leaving it the fuck alone and enjoy it as is? Ooooh man. Ohhhh no. What will happen next? The future seems so dull for everyone. I still think by now they should probably be all dead, but if they were, there wouldn't be a story to tell, right? So it's better some stay alive (BUT ITS CLEAR THE AUTHOR DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT KILLING GREAT CHARACTERS AND THAT'S GREAT BUT SAD) But I still think this is fucking awesome and I can't wait to read more and more and more and more

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I'm only going to say this:WHAT. Because that's all I've been saying.

I'm confused... I need more informations!!

Vogliamo andare in cantinaaaaaaa


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