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Attack On Titan 2 (2013)

Attack on Titan 2 (2013)

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About book Attack On Titan 2 (2013)

I can still only give it 2 stars because the art is just painfully bad and it was rather predictable. This volume seemed to be a little better as it had a faster pace and the story became more cohesive. I actually understood when there was a flashback. I usually give a manga series 3 volumes to really give it a chance because in my opinion it usually takes that many for the story to really pull together. The fresh recruits from the 104th Training Corps, along with the Garrison, must protect the civilians while they evacuate from Titans when Wall Rose is broken through. But a greedy businessman is keeping the civilians from evacuating, and thus, keeping the soldiers fighting for much longer than needed, and nearly all of the soldiers die, including Eren?! And then, another Abnormal Titan appears, but instead of eating humans, it completely ignores them and goes after Titans to kill them brutally! Not only that, but when it goes after a Titan that killed one of Eren's friends, this Abnormal Titan proves to be not only intelligent, but perhaps compassionate towards select humans...This volume stayed pretty true to the anime (er, maybe the other way around...) and I quite liked it. :3 But again, even though this series is amazing there is just far too much to say but not enough for just bits of the entire series in pieces like this. Perhaps some time I'll make a final review for the entire series. I would like that.

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Half the time, I'm just like, "WHAT IS HAPPENING" but in a good way.

5 stars for Mikasa's backstory and general bamf-ness

One of the best mangas I have ever read.


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