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Attack On Titan 9 (2013)

Attack on Titan 9 (2013)

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About book Attack On Titan 9 (2013)

So this manga takes place right after the anime ends, and I have a confession. This was the first time I've ever read a manga that I hadn't seen the anime for first. Though I can read anything without much trouble, I am not a strong visual person, and I have a hard time reading manga. However, I followed the story line and intense moments no problem. SPOILERSI liked Mike! He was a good guy! Then again, I suppose I should have been prepared, but still! However, I have to wonder about this 'Beast Type Titan.' He can speak, but he is unfamiliar with the 3D Maneuver Gear. He is a human who can turn into a titan, but he does not live within the walls, or hasn't for a very long time. So he's living on the outside...? And can we all take a moment to appreciate how freaking badass Sasha is? I never really paid much attention to her before, but the reveal of her back story really made me feel for her. I, too, come from a sort of backwoods place, and I'm always careful to hide my accent as well. Then the part with Ymir and Krista made me rethink things, and I appreciate that they both helped her in their own way. Then Sasha goes freaking beast-mode and saves that little girl - with a bow and arrows no less!Also, I actually appreciate Connie now. I used to hate him because I thought he was stupid, but the way he remembered his family made me love even him. Not only that, but I felt bad for him when the others ridiculed him so cruelly for voicing his theory about his family. Speaking of, if that titan really was his mom, what's going on? Can ordinary citizens spontaneously turn into titans now? Or can titans imitate voices they've heard? Honestly though, what's going on?? There is no breach in the wall, yet titans are coming out of nowhere! Do they just form from nothing, or are a few human-turned-titans controlling them? I must know more! *goes to read the next chapter on the Internet* I found this amazing. That tends to be the norm with me and Attack on Titan, but this one was special. It really showed how mysterious the Titans are! Between things from previous volumes, like the Wall Titans, and things in this volume, like how the Titans mysteriously appeared in Wall Rose, things were just an emotional roller-coaster! And with the way that the Ape Titan casually talked with Mike Zakarius, I just couldn't believe it. Once again, the one thing that got me was the art style (though it was rapidly getting better) in some places, but all-in-all I truly loved it! It was the volume that could not be put down!

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The story is progressing! Yay! It's not just titan-slaying!

Shit man. Twist, after twist I just.... my brain is racing.

The story gets more and more intense. I love it.


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