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Attack On Titan, Vol. 9 (2012)

Attack on Titan, Vol. 9 (2012)

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About book Attack On Titan, Vol. 9 (2012)

So this included one of the gayest moments in SnK that I've encountered so far.Reiner: Ymir... What're you doing?Ymir: Oh, it's you Reiner. What, sneaking up with dirty intentions on girls at night?Reiner: What a shocker... I didn't think I looked a guy who's interested in women... Oh, and by the way... You don't look like a girl who's interested in guy's either.Ymir: Oh really?SERIOUSLY THOUGH. THIS KEEPS ON GETTING BETTER AND BETTER.Me being me, I already know who all of the titan shifters are (except for the huge, beast like one- so confuzzled). I also know about Connie's village. Yeah, same name b*tches! I loved how there was a lot more character development in this, with Sasha and Connie, as well as the relationships with other characters being brought to light, like with Ymir and Krista. I have gone past the point where the anime left off, and I was literally squealing most of this volume, I was so excited.This series definitely gets better as it goes along. NEW SNK STUFF.I was so excited to start reading the new material after catching up to the point where the anime ended and it did not disappoint.I still have so many questions that I desperately want (need) answered but we have new information regarding the walls! I had always wondered from the start how they were even built and this is an interesting turn. Also, quite creepy/terrifying! I am also glad we got to see some of Sasha's backstory. That was nice to see. I hope we get to see more of the other character's backstory.

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We learned something about Ymir.And, I believe the next volume will be awesome!

All I can say is WHAT. THE. HELL. This series is batshit crazy and I love it.


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