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Attack On Titan, Volume 9 (2013)

Attack on Titan, Volume 9 (2013)

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1612625487 (ISBN13: 9781612625485)
Kodansha Comics

About book Attack On Titan, Volume 9 (2013)

Yet another thrilling volume of this amazing manga series. In this volume we got to see more character development, new TITANS, the death of a beloved character and plot development. The world of Attack on Titan keeps expanding and developing with every plot-twist, thought provoking monologue, and chapter I read. The suspense of recapturing Wall Maria and getting to Eren's basement is mounting as these characters lives keep taking a turn for the worse. This volume is the beginning of the Wall Rose arc.There are an incredible number of new twists to the story in this volume when a new pack of Titans seem to have broken in from Wall Rose. So of course it's safe to say that all is not what it seems. Two new Titans really throw this story for a loop though -- one is going to be a primary antagonist in the future and the discovery of the other reveals a LOT about the true nature of the Titans. But this volume is a very necessary read to figure out what is going on in the storyline and I believe Isayama is putting together an intense conflict in the next few volumes. I'm very anxious how it's all going to turn out.

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What is going on?? I'm so confused OMG!!

Another great addition to the series!


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