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Aunt Dimity: Snowbound (2005)

Aunt Dimity: Snowbound (2005)
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Aunt Dimity: Snowbound (2005)
Aunt Dimity: Snowbound (2005)

About book: I just love the Aunt Dimity books! They are sweet, and charming, quirky and fun. They're like the comfort food of books.In this book, our intrepid and trouble-finding heroine, Lori, decides to head out alone for a 5-hour hike, on a path her friend Emma tells her is "simple, and without risk" - we all KNOW what happens when someone tells us something like THAT, now don't we?!Yes indeed! Lori manages to take a wrong turn, and - what ARE the chances? - the blizzard of the century descends on Lori's part of England. Lori comes upon an old abbey that she first thinks is deserted, and hopes to find shelter from the storm. Instead, she finds what she believes are two other stranded travellers, and a cranky old care-taker.The three "strangers" take refuge in the abbey to wait out the storm, but Lori soon realizes there's much more going on than she first thought. And, Lori being Lori, she immediately gets investigating. With the blue journal and Reginald along for the ride Lori is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery of Ladythorne Abbey.The author of these books, Nancy Atherton has a wonderful way of combining lessons on life with gentle persuasion and a really engaging story with great characters and an irreverent sense of humour. All of which combine to deliver consistenly good reads!

Three and a half stars. Despite the rather twee cover I somehow brought this novel home from the library. I sat on the coffee table for a while as I read The Light Between Oceans Usually after reading a really good book that emotionally grabs me, I often find it hard to settle to another. But Aunt Dimity was different and quirky enough to fit the bill of interesting me. I had not read any Aunt Dimity books before. Aunt Dimity is a phantom detective who speaks to Lori through writing in the pages of a journal. Okay I warned you it was quirky.What was meant to be a pleasant one day hike ends being so much more as Lori, thanks to a freak blizzard and snow storm finds herself along with two other hikers stranded in Ladythorne Abbey with a gun wielding caretaker. Of course Jamie and Wendy, the other two stranded hikers, are not at all what they seem, Loris discovers. Though Lori is an American, this is a cosy English mystery and a light, fun read. A good bit of entertainment and Aunt Dimity manages to talk a lot of sense.
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Kathryn White
Looking for a fun, light read full of twists and turns? Want a book where violence isn’t what the story revolves around? And involves a helping hand from the ghostly realms? Then check out an Aunt Dimity cozy mystery by Nancy Atherton.In this series of books, Lori Sheperd, along with the support of her bunny Reginald and the help of her dead friend Dimity, solves mysteries in the Cotswolds of England.In Aunt Dimity Snowbound, Lori is stranded by ghastly weather in an empty Gothic mansion with three strangers... Find out more by visiting:
Another delightful episode in the Aunt Dimity series. I continue to wish the author didn't feel the need to put a handsome, soulful man in the way of this married heroine (to tempt her but never quite succeed), but this is always a minor, if annoying, subtext to the delightful little twisty mysteries that always include something about love, family, redemption. This one, in particular, focuses on the damage that dishonesty and a lack of either repentance or forgiveness can do to oneself and one's family. Very good. Very worthwhile.
The Aunt Dimity books mostly take place in England and are very light reading. In this one, Lori Shepherd is taking a hike when she gets lost and it starts to snow. She is seeking shelter at Ladythorne Abbey, a fancy home owned by the late Lucasta DeClerke. She soon meets two other American hikers, one of whom is pushed into the kitchen by the caretaker with a gun. They are stuck there for a couple of days, while Lri is worrying about whether the others are trying to steal the family jewels. Aunt Dimity gives her usual advice, and the truth is discovered by the time Bill arrives to rescue Lori.
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