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Aus Dem Tiefen Wald (2012)

Aus dem tiefen Wald (2012)

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About book Aus Dem Tiefen Wald (2012)

I went in to this book knowing nothing about it and because of it's minimal dialogue i think that's the way to go. That being said this book was about a boy named Gus who lives in this post apocalyptic world where a disease been killing off the population and children born during the outbreak are human/ animal hybrids. I thought this book was pretty good, this story is kind of basic and i wasn't to interested in the characters. Although there were some twist or i guess information that was given at the end that makes me want to read the rest of the series. This book did feel like it was largely set up so i'm excited to read more of this series. F*** you Mr Jepperd. I loved this unique graphic novel. I'll definitely read more into the series. Gus is a great protagonist, with a mixture of naivety and bravery that the reader falls in love with. Enough gore and to keep fans of The Walking Dead interested and enough story for fans of traditional books to get into them. Really fast paced and exciting, I'd recommend this to veterans of graphic novels and newbies.

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I'm a fan of Jeff Lemire's illustrations, and I'm curious to see where this series takes me.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the first volume. I am ready for the next one!

4.5 Fantastic! Can't wait to see where Lemire takes it.

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