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Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations (2013)

Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations (2013)

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1451627696 (ISBN13: 9781451627695)
Simon & Schuster

About book Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations (2013)

I enjoyed listening to this audio book while working around the house. I wished it would have been read by someone else because when he spoke in Ava's voice it usually came off as though he was mocking her. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the stories and learning more about her. Nothing was sugar coated, and she didn't come off smelling like a rose at all. I think the book could have be improved by someone else's perspective thrown in here and there. I must admit that I was looking forward to it being over, and then it ended abruptly. I really liked this book and hope Ava is liking it also. It seems like a very honest, open conversation between two people who got to know each other and trusted enough to touch each other. Too bad Frank put the stop button up, but we are lucky that this author kept notes and tapes and gave us a glimpse, not only of Ava's life, but of a true glimpse into the real Hollywood and it's people. She was beautiful and uncompromising. I like that she did things her own way. She did not let people direct her life. I'm a little disappointed they didn't get to finish her time with Frank Sinatra, or her older years. What she did and who she spent time with when she moved to England. I found it sad that she sold off a lot of her wardrobe for nothing and it is now lost to all of us movie lovers. Ava, if you are listening, Peter was right. In your words was the best way.

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A totally enjoyable romp, fachristsake! Ava at her best and worst A divinely damaged diva!

I really wish I could have had several drinks with her.


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