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Avengers Volume 2: The Last White Event (2014)

Avengers Volume 2: The Last White Event (2014)
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078516653X (ISBN13: 9780785166535)
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Avengers Volume 2: The Last White Eve...
Avengers Volume 2: The Last White Event (2014)

About book: I wasn't thrilled with the first volume of the Marvel Now Avengers. It seemed to be setting the Avengers up to be galactic heroes in a space opera. That's fine for the Guardians but so far it's not working here. This second volume expands on the "all universes are ending" apocalypse.Two creatures from Mars sent "bombs" to Earth to terraform it and all living creatures. Along the way, the Universe became a sentient being and two new superpowered beings were created: Nightmask and Starbrand. The latter two are trying to figure out why the "system" is broken and what can be done about it. The Avengers....well, they don't have a whole lot to do. They confront the newly created Starbrand, whose birth wiped out a college full of people, and get their butts handed to them before he's whisked away with Nightmask. The majority of the book is spent with these two and a lot of technobabble trying to define the plot.This volume hasn't done much to improve my perception of the new direction the series and characters are going in. When it even spends time with our heroes. Perhaps this is a long build of a story arc but it is short on action, humor and heroes - all the things that make the Avengers worth reading. I'll keep reading mainly because I already bought the first four volumes but I probably would have abandoned the series if I hadn't. Sadly, New Avengers is working in parallel to this series, with the same writers, and the same problems. Hopefully, the next volume will make an abrupt turn and bring the heroes back front and center. Though I'm seriously disappointed with these two team series, the individual hero series are so far fantastic. I highly recommend Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Thor and Loki. I've been waiting to read this integration of the New Universe into the Marvel Universe for a while ... and it was OK. Sadly, the impact was minimized, and the rest of the story was mainly about dealing with one person with too much power. As I said, it was OK and I liked the continuing continuity from V1.The two one-shots were more memorable, which was also the case in V1. I particularly liked the Canadian issue, though the casino issue had a lot of funny in it (even if I didn't like the Shang Chi bits).Overall, an interesting and unique continuation of Hickman's Avengers storyline.
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a boot of a confusing mess overall with some bright moments.
Welp. That's enough of this series for me.
storytelling was good, art was fantastic
It barely managed to hold my interest.
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