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Avoiding Commitment (2012)

Avoiding Commitment (2012)
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K.A. Linde
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Avoiding Commitment (2012)
Avoiding Commitment (2012)

About book: OMG...drama, drama, drama. This book was infuriating. My emotions were all over the place. Lexi was so naive and believed everything Jack said. I kept on screaming "stop being so stupid, he is playing you." Jack was such a liar and used Lexi. There were times where I hated him. He continued to brake her heart until she finally got the "balls" to stop him. I LOVED Chyna. She was a true friend to Lexi. And Ramsey...well...he could have been good for her but he kinda played her too. After all, I loved the was an amazing roller-coaster!Lets see if I can get myself together to read the series. I have such mixed emotions over this book & the series as a whole. It wasn't the best thing I had read, but it kept my interest because I wanted to find out what happened. It was an interesting way to write the story, flipping between present time and past events. I did like this; however, I feel the flashbacks with dates could've been handled with more finesse. At times it left me a little confused and wondering.I have to give the author credit, she definitely pulled on my emotions over the characters. I can't tell you how many times I flipped between a love/hate for almost everyone involved. Although those emotions varied, I will say it got a little old to be mad one moment, the okay with it the next. I just feel that she could've sped things up and got the story wrapped up.
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great story, good read, and just for the record I hate Jack!!!!!
Really intimidating. Jack Howard is an butthead. :)
Could this book be any longer and repetitive...
4.5 stars
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