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Avoiding Temptation (2000)

Avoiding Temptation (2000)
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Avoiding Temptation (2000)
Avoiding Temptation (2000)

About book: Not going to lie, I was kind of glad to finish the series. I was so annoyed with everything going on, but I was determined to find out the fate of Lexi because I thought she was so stupid at times I wanted to know if she finally picked the decent guy or if she continued with her stupidity. I don't know if I disliked a protagonist as much as I did with her. She always made life more difficult for herself and then wondered why life was awful. I mean, seriously. I do have to say, I was happy to see Jack change from the ass he was to someone with substance. However, the two of them did deserve each other.Although the author did an amazing job making a reader get emotionally involved, I doubt I'll read another of her books. The style and such just didn't appeal to me. I kind of felt like it was a chore to get through the series and that's not the reading experience I always want. I was never Team Jackass but I'm not Lexi. I have to agree that in their twisted up world they do belong together. I mean if it really wasn't love that both of them ( BOTH ) could've left one another that easily... You know??!!... And Ramsey.. I was team Ramsey.... At first... But as you get to know him and his lying piece of shit self (despite of how he thinks his intentions are good) I can't pick him for LEXI. If you can't trust a man you're with because he lies then you should not be with him. At least JackASS tells Lexi he f**ked someone else.. Anyway full review coming up! :) awesome book series.. Really f**ked my head up for the last week.
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Biggest waste of time ever! Repetitive, whiny heroine, cheating lead and awful ending!
Loved the whole series! Glad it ended the way it did!
Frustrating characters. Super far fetched.
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