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Awry (2012)

Awry (2012)

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About book Awry (2012)

I found this book even more thrilling than book 1! (Kudos to any writer who can do that!) It has more angst, more love, more kick-butt action, more desire… (Sigh) What more could you want?! Mrs. Fine takes her writing up a notch and truly delivers a passionate tale with smart plotting and significant character development. She has settled into a wonderful rhythm in her writing and delves into a distinct and gripping style of action layered with backstory. The progression moves like a pendulum of past and present, unraveling the mystery of character identity and creating sympathy. The backstory adds tremendous depth and feeling to an already emotionally charged story. And, as expected, when you read this one, you’d better have book 3 ready and waiting! Note: PG-13 for intimacy and language Much better than the first one, but still suffers from too much telling and not enough showing. I found most of the plot details and "twists" predictable, and some a little *too* convenient. Again, Tristan seems to be the driving force that keeps me reading and if it weren't for him I would have stopped with book one. All incan say is I want a Tristan and now. I did, however, really enjoy the back story that the author included in this book. It was interesting to see how the curse happened in the first place and also to see Tristan and Scarlet's love bloom. I'm sorry, but Gabriel does not stand a chance and if there was supposed to be a love triangle, there is no contest between the brothers. Overall, I believe this is a vast improvement over the first book and the third one might not be so difficult to get through.

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loving this series... off to the next one.

tristan and scarlet! gabriel and heather!

My favourite of the trilogy.


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