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Back On Track (2013)

Back on Track (2013)
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1619213761 (ISBN13: 9781619213760)
Samhain Publishing
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Back On Track (2013)
Back On Track (2013)

About book: Flirty dialog, big muscles, and plenty of wine.Allie and Matt start out their flirtatious encounter on a Napa Valley wine tour with lies, lies, and more lies, but they both know they're lying--it's a flirting game--no harm will be done. Only harm is inadvertently done, because they both want more from the other than a one-off encounter with no strings attached.Matt's a major league baseball player who can't go anywhere without fans and women draping themselves all over him. He's incognito on a wine tour hoping to have some fun with a buddy before getting sent down to Tripple A for rehab. Allie knows exactly who Matt is, but she doesn't figure it out unil she's already flubbed a pick-up line, made a fool out herself, and gotten lost in Matt's baby blues. By the time she figures out who is is and that he's the pro athlete who keeps turning down her charity request for posing shirtless in her marketing firm's calendar, she's in too deep to come clean.Of course, it all unravels, but after the wine tour is over, they both have a chance to realize how much truth was peppered in among the lies, the biggest truth being their undeniable attraction to each other.This was a sweet, funny, flirty novella perfect for whiling away a couple hours this weekend. I loved this one. Allie is off-beat and funny as hell. I understand why a guy like Matt would be completely taken with her. She's adorable! I love their interactions on the train. I love how they get hot and heavy without much of anything happening because of some crazy fans stalking Matt all over the place. This is one story I wish was longer. I wanted to get to know the characters even more, see where their story goes.
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Napa Valley wine train + a hot, sexy baseball player = an excellent novella!! Loved it!
so clever.
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