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Bad Apple By Ni Sa Santiago (2011)

Bad Apple by Ni sa Santiago (2011)

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All I can say is wow as I have never known twins who were so opposite and hated each other, especially for identical twins. Nichols, the younger sister, wanted to be like them and she kept the peace when she was around but then tragedy strikes and she is killed. All h*ll breaks out then and the twins, Apple and Kola, declare all out war on each other and struggle to see who comes out on top. Great read and looking forward to finishing this series but when two sisters are going at it no one really wins. Nisa Santiago you did a number on this book, it was truely a page turner!!! When I first saw the 510 pages I was like omg I will be reading for days and once I started reading it you had my undivided It was a very active book with no confusion on anything. I really enjoyed this book and i am so ready to begin with Coca Kola to find out what happens next with the two sisters. I was sad and couldn't believe the choices they made but that is what kept me on my toes and wanting to find the Keep doing your thang!!

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good short read for me. enjoyed apples hustle, and her twin was a true hustler.

It's was ok a little slow I wanted more right away

it was an amazing and i would love to read it again

I cant wait until i read part 2.

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