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Bad Boy Rock Star (2000)

Bad Boy Rock Star (2000)

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About book Bad Boy Rock Star (2000)

I picked this book up on a whim and I am glad I did. I was hooked immediately and Hannah's growth throughout the book has me aching to know what happens next.There were a few grammatical errors, and a few right place at the right time coincidences that were questionable, but for the most part this book rocked-literally and figuratively.I am going strait to book 2, hoping I get more! I quite enjoyed this book, I'm a sucker for any books about rock stars and this was no exception. I have the feeling that this was the story set up book for the series and for some reason it didn't blow me away but the series has strong potential.Hannah, from a rich privileged background has come to earth with a bump as the riches vanished and she is left with one thing - a management contract with an up and coming band Storm. The band have been stagnating for some time and need some one to show case their talent. Sceptical of the pretty young rich girl that has proclaimed herself their manager, the band want to see evidence of her talents. Will Hannah's past cause problems for the band or will other issues be their undoing.I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading the next one.

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This was different then I'm use to reading but was good. The ending left me wanting more. 4/6/2014

The story is pretty good, but there are soooooo many errors.

you have to buy the next book to find out how this one ends.

Has potential; has some hiccups,however the story is there!

kindle freebie 3/29/14

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