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Bad Boys, Bad Boys (2009)

Bad Boys, Bad Boys (2009)

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This is a fairly short read of just under 60 pages. The timespan of the book takes place over a weekend. Fortunately the second book in the series continues Geo and Mack's story because my only complaint about this book would be that it could have been longer with maybe some more back story or at least to get more story about them. I'm a big fan of the gay-for-you and BFF's fall in love stories and this one is squarely in those sub-genres. It does take a little bit of a suspension of belief because you have one guy who admitedly is 100% straight who has never considered looking at another guy who suddenly is turned on and curious when his partner comes on to him. It's a stretch to think that a guy who is totally straight would suddenly, in a matter of 24 hours, readily accept a gay relationship. But that's the beauty, and fun, of fiction. I enjoyed the story, and Geo and Mack were really hot together. This one really ends with more of a HFN more so than a HEA so I'm really looking forward to reading the next one in hopes of getting more into their relationship. Geo and Mack have been partners and best friends for a few years and suddenly Geo has been having sex dreams about Mack. Both are straight but he can’t help it, he suddenly notices Mack is hot. After a few too many beers, he kisses Mack. Mack is freaked but takes him home where Geo tackles him and gives him a blow job, then promptly blacks out with no memory. When Mack tells him what he did, he confesses he wants a relationship and Mack is totally freaked, yet turned on. Geo tries to be patient and let Mack to figure out if he wants a relationship or if it was a one-off thing. I really liked the guys and while Mack was freaked it wasn’t overly angsty and he was pretty good at admitting that he did find Geo attractive. The sexual tension between the two was very evident and the two alpha cops, sometimes fighting for dominance at first was pretty smexy. Chris has been saying I must read this forever and I meant to. So another thanks for the kick in the pants I needed to finally do it.

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Great short story!! Wouldn't mind seeing these two again. Geo and Mack are so cute!

they were kind of assfaces most of the book... but very sweet in the end

Virginal anal sex with no lube - enough said!

good but too short for my taste

Short, but very hot story!

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