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Bad Day For Pretty: A Crime Novel (2011)

Bad Day for Pretty: A Crime Novel (2011)

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1427221170 (ISBN13: 9781427221179)
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About book Bad Day For Pretty: A Crime Novel (2011)

I messed up and read this second book before its predecessor, Bad Day for Sorry, but that didn’t affect my enjoyment of this story. Stella reminds me of an older, funnier, and tougher version of Stephanie Plum. And, okay, more hillbilly. I found the humor clever and the characters real, relatable, and loveable. Another advantage this book has over Evanovich is that there’s an actual mystery, with twists, turns, and surprises. The main reason I liked it, though, is that it reminded me of my own small hometown and it just cracked me up. I’ll definitely be ready the rest of the series, and I recommend it for anyone who likes Evanovich or other humorous mysteries. I was so happy to see Stella getting a chance with Goat, too bad it crapped out. Had I been Stella I would have had the same reaction. I hated how she got pulled into the drama on a different front, but loved how she pulled her oddball group of friends close to her to deal. I really love how the relationship between Stella and Chrissy is evolving. Chrissy is stepping up and helping Stella with her second job and doing things Stella didn't think of. I thought the ending was great and hope that things stay in the same vein for Stella.

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God I just love these books! What a fun and realistic heroine!

A bad day for mystery fiction.


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