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Bad Taste In Men (2014)

Bad Taste in Men (2014)
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Bad Taste In Men (2014)
Bad Taste In Men (2014)

About book: "Bad Taste in Men" is the first book that I've read from Kylie Gilmore. It is the 3rd book in her "Clover Park" series and can be read as a stand-alone book. This story centers around Rachel Miller and Shane O'Hare.I honestly rate this book a 3.5. I didn't want to rate it 3 stars because that was too low for me, so I rated it 4 stars instead. I would have rated this book more if it weren't for Rachel. Shane was just everything you could want in a hero. He really loved and cared for Rachel. He made sure Rachel's stalker no longer harassed her, took care of her when she twisted her ankle, and most importantly, when he found out she wasn't approved for a loan, he sold his prized-possession, the "Shelby" aka his '67 Mustang, to help her get the cafe up and running and became a partner.Shane has watched Rachel date several men and was just waiting for his time to finally make a move. Rachel gets scared and doesn't want to ruin their friendship, so she constantly rejects him. She does have feelings for him, but she forces Shane and her employee to go out on a date, so this attraction between them will stop. It obviously doesn't though. She also goes out on a date with a guy who owns a yogurt business. This annoys Shane because he can't stand the guy.I found Rachel whiny, a little bitchy, and stubborn. Sure, Shane was stubborn too, but he was determined to finally break through Rachel's walls and see they are good together. I'm kind of torn with this book. I absolutely laughed out loud at the ending of chapter 1, and I immediately knew that I enjoyed Kylie's writing style. But I could't fully get into this story because of Rachel. I wanted to beat her in the head, so she can open up her eyes when it came to Shane. To me, Shane is what made this book. I simply adored him! He did everything to show he loved Rachel. Their chemistry was hot! It might seem like I'm ranting too much about Rachel, but don't be fooled. I did like "Bad Taste in Men," and I loved Kylie's writing style! It is very similar to the writing styles of some of my other favorite contemporary romance authors like Erin Nicholas and Jill Shalvis. I'll definitely be checking her other books out and will read the first two books in this series!

Shane and Rachel are best friends, own their own businesses, and are going to open a cafe together. Shane's offer to front the money to finance the cafe is a godsend for Rachel, who's been turned down for a loan. And while she sees him as her friend who doubles as her knight in shining armor, Shane wants to be more. What he did to help open the cafe was supposed to be his way of sweeping her off her feet. Except it didn't really work that way and what ensued was a lot of push and pull between them.I was super frustrated with Rachel. I understood her need to stand on her own, be her own boss, etc., but I hated that wall that she kept between her and Shane. It was always one thing or another that kept her from taking a chance on him, on them, and it was just...annoying. I did like her persistence though. A lesser woman would've closed up shop and given up, but she found options to keep her dream open. I just wish that same strength translated sooner into her trust in Shane.Shane was, honestly, what Rachel needed. I know, shocking that I'd admit that, right? All my griping and still I say he's perfect for her. Because he is. He's the voice of reason to her insanity, the gentleness to her prickliness, the steadiness to her uncertainty. In truth, they complimented each other because of their differences.Their story is riddled with examples of what it takes to love someone who's determined, for one reason or another, to keep you at arm's length. It shows the power of love, as cliched as that sounds, and how it helps overcome doubts and pasts. Rachel might've frustrated the crap out of me, but even I can't deny that at the end she was written proof that letting someone in can be all it takes to learn to love that person as much as they already love you.***Received from Tasty Book Tours for an honest review***
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4 Butterflies! My full review is here:,well,well... I can't believe that I finally review Shane's story....after Ryan (my review is here)  and Travis, we finally can hear Shane's voice, even more so because he's so shy and quiet, and sweet....Like I said, Shane is very different from his brothers, because while he's introvertit, Travis is hotness incarnated, he's also a little crazy, on the other hand, Ryan is the mature and serious one, so I was a little anxious about his character, and I'll admit  I had my doubts about his alpha side, but in the same time I was anxious to find out his story and it was a mind-blowing, genious reading, guys!Seriously, run, don't walk to the first store you find and get your copy right freaking now! [image error]
DNFI got to around 38% before I realized that I wasn't obligated to finish this book so I cut my losses and found something else. I only started Bad Taste in Men because I made it through the prior book and was too lazy to find another. The heroine, Rachel, is really hard work as the British say. She has a very difficult personality, which doesn't stop the hero, Shane, from chasing her. He has been her best friend since the woman in the first book got married. Shane is explicit about wanting to have a romantic relationship and she tells him she doesn't see him that way and shuts him down every time he makes a move. Rachel fixes him up with her employee and then gets mad at him when he doesn't read her mind and see that she's vaguely jealous.Eventually, Shane sells the classic car that's been in his family for three generations to get Rachel the money to gamble on saving her failing business. For about a second she wonders if it's ethical to accept his offer to invest in her business since she knows that Shane wants more from her than friendship, but then decides that since she needs the money, it's ethical. She has several amazing, passionate, life changing kisses with him and shuts him down each time despite being an active participant. I've terminated friendships in real life because I was disgusted by women who lead men on even though they're not interested. It's cruel and self centered. Obviously, since this is a romance there was going to be an HEA, but Rachel just took to much energy to enjoy and sucked the life out of the book. The last book went on this way for 90% of the book and I wasn't going to wait that long.
Rachel knows her bookstore isn't doing to good and she just knows adding a cafe connecting to the bookstore will help it and make her a success. The only problem is the bank has turned her down for a loan. Just when it looks like her dreams are shot her best friend Shane offers to help her by becoming her partner. Shane is in love with Rachel and doesn't think she will ever overcome the just friends. Having a partnership will have them close together and Shane hope to help her get over that and become more. Rachel has had bad taste in men before and not looking to ruin what they have she tries to push him off on others. When she sees what all Shane has done for her and given up she may change her mind. Rachel is very, very stubborn. She doesn't like to listen to others even when they know best. She has ave her heart away before and they all turned out bad. She is a great friend and will help in any way she can. She is just afraid of love. Shane is sweet, caring and also very stubborn. He will move mountains to give Rachel what she wants. They both are great friends and you can tell they clearly belong together. This is the second book in this series I have read and I enjoyed it so much. I really enjoyed seeing Rachel and Shane butt heads. Both want things t be a success but Rachel thinks she can do everything herself. Shane tries not to push her but he thinks he knows what is best. Both should take the time to listen to each other but it wouldn't be as entertaining as it was. I liked seeing all the characters I already knew and seeing new ones. Some I liked and some I have to say seemed a little off to me. This is a book that is a page turner and leaves you wanting more. It has friendship, family, love and even some steaminess that made it a joy to read!
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