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Balla Sogna Ama (2012)

Balla sogna ama (2012)

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885413516X (ISBN13: 9788854135161)
Newton Compton Editore

About book Balla Sogna Ama (2012)

You know, I went into this book knowing what I wanted. I wanted a light, fluffy, good time book after reading a daunting, long, depressing novel for the last few weeks. Something easy to read, and fast to turn pages.I got exactly what I wanted from it. At first I was like, this book is TOO young for me (it is YA)..but it grew on me. In the end it has some heart. I did keep losing myself in the fact that it's fiction. It feels so heavily based on her experience that it kept feeling like a memoir. But I read a lot of memoirs, and was probably swayed by my reading preferences and the authors real life experiences.The one problem was that I knew nothing about dance, so there was a lot of terminology that I was not familiar with. When she's talking about Demi-Plies and stuff, I'm like, alright dancing stuff. So my understanding of that area was very rudimentary. I'm sure someone who knew anything about dance would appreciate that more. I loved it. I really did although I don't 100% agree with how the author portrait the dieting issues and how everything plays out in the company but then again I guess the author did her research and knows what she's talking about.But you have to love, and now at least a little about, ballet to love this book. It's full of ballet terminology. From what was written in the synopsis I thought that Hannah was gonna have to decide between being with Jacob or her job and I was scared that she would just to be with Jacob decide to quit. But when it came to this decision it was at all about Jacob or the job it was about what's best for her life and Jacob didn't have the slightest influence in her decision which I really loved. Over all I really really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to everyone who likes ballet.

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It's awesome. The author describes a ballerina's life perfectly. I'm so really touched by the novel.

I. Didn't not like this book it was quasi autobiographical and quite predictable

I liked the book but I thought it was dry. There wasn't much happening.

Awesome. Made me wanna take up a ballet class.

more of a 3.5

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