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Barça - Verdens Bedste Fodboldhold (2012)

Barça - verdens bedste fodboldhold (2012)

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About book Barça - Verdens Bedste Fodboldhold (2012)

There are few books about football which are both interesting and objective. This is not one of them.Endless. It took me forever to get through the pages and there were times it felt like and endless read, especially at moments I would find annoying. Which was happening most of the time. It was annoying to the point I felt like tearing it apart. Why?Biased. From the very first page we get to see FC Barcelona through the fan's point of view. Which is okay if you are one of cules. Which is not okay if you write the book as a journalist who shall stay objective. This way we get to read about players who didn't appear from the mommas wombs, you might assume they were sent from heaven. They are god particles with bright future and you might easily forget they are also human beings. Wow, we actually get to live their lives AND know their thoughts on matters from the past ie. childhood and emotions after each action. Let's not forget about the poor guy Frank Rijkaard,the great director Joan Laporta AND The Enemy Jose Mourinho. The last one is mentioned nearly as many times as The God Itself, Leo Messi. The paeans to the players and the infinite invectives towards Mourinho might actually be laughable, unfortunately they sound pathetic instead.Repetitive. If I got a penny every single time I read about CL finals vs. United OR about choosing Guardiola to be the new coach OR the friendships between the players... I would have a hella lot of pennies. Of course there is a bitter part in me cringing every time the United matches are mentioned, but I am able to notice a good football being played when I watch one. Reading about it over and over again makes me yawn. Makes it look like Mr Graham doesn't have much to write about so he chose to write about same things over again until the conctracted word count is on black and white. It makes the book boring.Well, that's it. I tried to keep this without a rant but seriously, it's a good read only if you follow Barca, otherwise the book will make you either pissed off or frustrated. This is a very interesting insight into what will no doubt be considered one of the most entertaining and successful club teams of all time. Hunter writes as a fan in a privileged position which, although insightful, does border on hyperbolic at times. There is no doubt where his loyalties lie (Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho doesn't recieve favourable words) and two chapters focused solely on each of Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola does seem to become a little repetitive. However there are many fascinating facets of the recent Barca story and the author does tell it well from a viewpoint very few other writers could.

Do You like book Barça - Verdens Bedste Fodboldhold (2012)?

A few interesting notes but nothing special to a true culé who follows FC Barcelona news daily.

Good on recent history of Barca but very repetitive.

Easily the greatest soccer book I've ever read.


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