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Barbie Girl (2012)

Barbie Girl (2012)

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About book Barbie Girl (2012)

The book doesn't even deserve two stars...!!! Oh my God...!!! This book is so terrible... The plot, the characters everything is just so awful...!!! I did not at all like the story... The girl, Barbie is known as a slut in her school.... A SLUT...!!! And she doesn't even bother.... She just accepts it... Just to support her poor, miserable, broken family... Are you kidding me??? And her mother, the drunkard... Well nothing to say about her... And the boy, Dylan is just sooo.... Well geek...!!!! The author put so much effort to make this book a little different and cheesy but it didn't work out well enough, at least to me... I tried to read the whole book but it was not that interesting.... The cover was well nice and I expected something interesting after reading the title... But the book really disappointed me!!!! But I suggest that if anyone wants to read it out... Go ahead...!!!! Your choice may differ from me... What a great story. I really loved Barbie's character. The life this poor girl has had to deal with and yet she still comes out with determination and will. This girl will do anything for her little brother Evie. For years Barbie has had the reputation of being the school slut, she has survived rumours every day of her life. The other kids talking about her and spreading lies as to how far they got with this girl and Barbie allows it to go on because she knows the truth and underneath she doesn't care what other people think of her. Many times through out this book I found I didn't like Dylan at all. He was mean to her some times and always believed the rumours about her. Even once he realised he was in love with her he still believed in what others said about her instead of seeing the real Barbie like Third did. I'm glad Barbie found a great friend in Third. He was there for her when she needed him and always could see the true Barbie. I believe in the end Barbie was too good for Dylan. I really thought after everything that happened Dylan would come to his senses and end things with Katie. That girl is one nasty piece of work and for Barbie to be able to walk away in the end like she did shows her true strength. I can't wait to read the next book and find out what happens. I can't believe it ended the way it did...I want more!!

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I really like this book. It had romance and little of drama, and I love how Dylan loved Barbie.

Loved ItI'm full of different emotions....I can't descirbe it, Great Book

it was decently written but I got bored halfway through the book

aww can't wait to read next one

Is a great book to read

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