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Bared By Him: (2013)

Bared by Him: (2013)

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About book Bared By Him: (2013)

I would give this last one 4.5 if I could :-). What a lovely, raunchy, heart wrenching story, and in such a short book! The author has to be applauded for this one, I really loved reading it and am now sad that there isn't more, there should be a follow up to how they are all doing after their individual stories maybe in one book :-). id definitely buy that. Glad I got the chance to read these never the less x SPOILER ALERTCould have been much better. I found this story lacked actual story telling. There was hardly any communication between Ivy and Cade. Cancer doesn't disappear, I don't know why the author even put that in her book! Why not have Ivy worried about whether her lump was cancerous or not and have Care be by her side??? I missed not having the other characters involved in this book. Only having two brief appearances was not enough. There was just too much sex.

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This elusive asswat named Cade West made me cry. Oh god. It was just so emotional.

By FAR, the best of the series. Ms. Garnier tells a story like no one else!

def my fav, next to the first one!

Short, intense but sooo...good!

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