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Barefoot Kisses (2014)

Barefoot Kisses (2014)

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1502589117 (ISBN13: 9781502589118)
Zirconia Publishing, Inc

About book Barefoot Kisses (2014)

I will start by saying I absolutely love this series and the characters. But this book seems like it was rushed to the point of missing editing. First, there were many instances of extra words that weren't edited out. Second, the writing didn't flow as well not only because of the errors, but it just seemed more like this was phoned in. It's still a good story and worth a read, but it is my least favorite of the series. This author is much better than this book. This was a great book! A fun, quick read that really entertained me for a few hours. I loved the unique writing style and how I connected with the main character, Lena. Sometimes you have such a bad day, you just feel like giving up on trying to make good things happen, but then one good thing happens and that thing makes you a stronger person. Aiden, the love interest for Lena, was a cool character. He was confident, kind, and such a awesome character! He was depicted as a playboy who throws girls away when he's done with them, but he never came across that way to me. Honestly, he's probably one of the nicest book characters I've ever read about. Not to say he doesn't have issues, because every character does, but he, unlike other characters, followed his heart and was kind the whole time. I recommend this book to everyone. A quick read, but it was amazing and worth the read.

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A wonderful sweet addition to the series.

Fun quick read.

3.5 stars...

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