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Batman, Vol. 2: The City Of Owls (2013)

Batman, Vol. 2: The City of Owls (2013)

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1401237770 (ISBN13: 9781401237776)
DC Comics

About book Batman, Vol. 2: The City Of Owls (2013)

Am I missing something here? Sure the art is great, but the story, continued from the first volume, continues to be ridiculous. First the Court of Owls has apparently been around Gotham for generations, and neither Batman nor Bruce Wayne had come across any sign of them before. Now we learn that Alfred is a second-generation Pennyworth butler for the Wayne family. Having served one of the richest families in Gotham, all Jarvis Pennyworth wants for his son is for him to spend his life doing the same? And why isn't Alfred in Gotham? It makes no sense, even for a comic book. I assume that young Alfred gets to conveniently miss all of the events of Jarvis and Thomas and Martha Wayne so that the retcon that is the New 52 doesn't affect any interaction he will subsequently have with Bruce Wayne in the canonical series.Bleah. Too twisted for my tastes. You want to create a new bad guy? Fine, just don't pull something that obviates the last 70 years of Detective Comics. Or, if you are going to try, you'd better do it flawlessly.This ain't flawless. Not recommended. Batman Vol. 2: The City of Owls picks up where the Court of Owls left off. Bruised and battered, Batman has survived the attack on himself by the Court of Owls. A secret society that has ruled Gotham for over a century. Thought to be myth and lies, the Court of Owls has now set its sights on a larger prize than the Batman.Gotham itself.In one night, the Court sets out its assassins known as the Talons to kill the leaders of the city. They attack Bruce Wayne in his manor and infiltrate the Batcave as well. Batman must mobilize all he holds dear to battle them. But can he not only survive the night, but the secrets of his own family that the Court knows. The secrets of Thomas and Martha Wayne.Scott Snyder has done a masterful job of taking the helm in The New 52! Batman series. He has been courageous and daring in his story telling of one of the most iconic and beloved characters of all of comicdom. In The City Of Owls he doesn't hold back.Not only does he sow the seeds of doubt between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as well as call into question Alfred's loyalty. He pulls back the veil on Thomas and Martha Wayne and explores the family tragedy that has been hinted at in the past. A second son. Thomas Wayne Jr. A child whose birth was shrouded in tragedy and sent away by the Wayne's for medical and psychiatric attention. A child hidden away and then forgotten with the murder of its parents. A child who grows, abused and forgotten, with a bitterness toward the city and parents all others love. And toward the brother who has taken it all.Brothers. Enemies. Bruce and Thomas. The Batman and The Owlman.Snyder has written a terrific tale and laid the groundwork for a adversary who may even rival the Joker in its hatred for the Batman.Another reason why DC is the better comic line going right now!

Do You like book Batman, Vol. 2: The City Of Owls (2013)?

I love the twists and turns of this two volume set, and the potentials it brings up in its story.

Just terrific! Loved the artwork, some unexpected plot twists, and great writing!

Had some great moments, but just didn't reach the level of volume 1.

Awesome! I just love this rebooted Batman.


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